Электрощитовое оборудование - Завод Кристалл
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3. Все изделия имеют сертификаты качесва.
4. Лицензия ГосАтомНадзора России.

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О компании | About us in English

About the company

Our Plant is located in the town of science Protvino not far from Moscow.

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Its activity has begun from 1993 when the “Kristall” Experimental-Mechanical Plant started production of electrical equipments.

Today the listed products include: substations KTПН; cameras KCO 386, 366,393; panels ЩО70, ЩО91; input and switching centers ВРУ, УВР; boxes ШРС, ШР; distributors ПР11, 85; power boards with breaker and faze ЯРВ, ЯБ, ЯПВ; control boxes Я5000, ШУ5000, РТ3088; boxes with step-down transformer ЯТП; light boards for industrial and public buildings ОЩВ, ЩУ; floor boards ШЛС; control panels and boxes for automated mechanisms.

The “Kristall” Experimental-Mechanical Plant’s activity in the production of low-voltage devices for atomic stations is licensed by Gosatomnadzor of Russia.

In 1996 the “Kristall” Experimental-Mechanical Plant mastered technical means of protection of own designs and today it produces the certified products:

  • metal doors: bullet-proof (3rd class); smash-proof (3rd class);
  • glass doors, bullet-proof (3rd class);
    lattice doors;
  • doors with in-built windows and troughs, bullet-proof (3rd class);
  • transmission locks bullet-proof (3rd class) with/without glass;
  • transfer mechanisms (troughs) bullet-proof (3rd class): mobile, slot, V-shaped;
  • blank bullet-proof: windows, swing (2nd, 3rd class): with/without shutters;
  • windows bullet-proof: swing (5th class);
  • transfer units (window-trough block): in different integration, with talk-back equipments;
  • protective panels: bullet-proof (3rd class);
  • smash-proof (2nd, 3rd class).

The over mentioned elements allow to assemble a protective cabin or barrier of any configuration.
The plant has all production potentialities:

  • eight buildings with an area of 10 000 sugared meters on the tem Tory of more than 4 hectares;
  • a galvanic shop (department);
  • 2 lines of powder coloring;
  • An experimental laboratory up to 150 kilovolt;
  • The shop with a casting of plastic;
  • Three shops with the processing of sheet metal with the thickness up to 16mm – a cutting, a forming and a punching;
  • More than 100 pieces of a forge – pressing equipments;
  • More than 30 welding places;
  • A tool- making shop with the stock of the metal-cutting lathes.

All these allow us to make different metal constructions with an average degree of complication.